The Talent Factory La Masia 2.0 | FM15 Challenge

Min gode vän Espen från Passion4FM har tagit fram en grym challenge för dig som sitter och filar på en ny utmaning. Här nedan finner du starten på den artikeln som du återfinner på hans sida. Länk finns längre ner i denna text.

There is nothing more satisfying than developing your own players – turning your promising young talents into one of the best Football Manager wonderkids of your save – experiencing your youth progress into world class players.

In this Football Manager Challenge which I’ve entitled the Talent factory La Masia 2.0 you will only focus on youth and player development rather than match results and league position. Here we turn attention to targeting under-18 talents and increase the importance of the yearly youth intake making the Football Manager regen dates one of the most anticipated days of the season calender.

The Football Manager Challenge Talent Factory La Masia 2.0 will be a great scenario for all who favour scouting and youth development. Perhaps you are one who spends hours on creating individual training development programs or likes to give youth a chance in the first team XI. Here this will be a must in order to succeed. This FM Challenge will not only test your Football Manager skills in regard to squad management but will also test your patience in terms of player development and trusting your own player analysis and Football Manager abilities.

The final aim is to compete with the famous La Masia academy of Barcelona or the great Ajax football Academy by producing a team consisting of only homegrown players of the highest quality!

Lead your squad of homegrown talents and quality regens to new glories in Passion4FM’s own Football Manager Challenge: The Talent Factory La Masia 2.0!…//

Du kan givetvis läsa hela artikeln och även ladda ner utmaningen via

Lycka till!

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