The Gaia Project for FM15

Jag har i samråd med min gode vän Stam på fått möjligheten att dela med mig av denna underbara lilla utmaning som dem har uppe på sin sida. Vi har inte översatt artikeln utan har bara tagit med den inledande texten och sen har vi tagit med länken till sidan för nedladdningen.

Håll till godo!

The Gaia project brings you to an alternate football universe where there are no more the players and the competitions we used to know. To use with Football Manager 2015.

I. General information

First of all, I would like to apologize for my English and for the French in the screenshots.

I am a huge fan of fantasy databases. This one I made (with the help of other people) during the last months. I hope you will enjoy it, at least as much as I enjoyed creating it. I call it the Gaia project.

The Gaia project brings you to an alternate universe where there are no more the players and the competitions we used to know.
No CR7 and Messi
No Premier League
Bye-bye FIFA World Cup

320 clubs have been created and separated in 16 new countries.
Each team has a particularity, it generates newgens with dual nationalities (one nationality from Gaia and one real nationality).

The 16 countries of the update can be separated in 2 categories:

1) The ones with nationalities according to geographic repartition

Soloriore: From the latin ”Rising Sun”, asiatic nationalities
Nordik: Easy to guess, nationalities from Scandinavia, baltics countries + Russia + Alaska + Canada
Megaokeanos: Frome the Ancient Greek ”Great Ocean”, oceanian nationalities
Marenostrum: From the latin ”Our Sea”, name given by the Romans to the Mediterranean Sea, mediterranean nationalities
Abya Yala: Name chosen in 1992 by the Native Americans for the American continent, Central and South American nationalities
Melagea: From the Ancient Greek ”Black Land”, African nationalities
Tropico: Not very hard to find, caribbean nationalities (+USA)
Ereb: From the phoenician Europe, European nationalities (except the North countries and the Mediterrannean ones)

2) The ones with nationalities according a specifity (Cultural, Geopolitical…)

Micro: From the Ancient Greek Little, nationalities from the smallest countries in the world (San Marin, Monaco…)
Panorama: Nationalities from country with a natural wonder (Niagara Fall, Krakatoa…)
Architectura: Nationalities from country with an architectural masterpiece (Eiffel Tower…)
Imperia: From the latin Empire, nationalities from country with a ancient great empire
Gasteria: From the Ancient Greek Stomach, nationalities from country with a food or drink known worldwide.
Trademark: Nationalities from country where come from the biggest companies.
Theos : From the Ancient Greek Gods, nationalities from country with one kind of religion.
Scire: From the latin Knowledge, nationailities from countries where come from the greatest scientists.

Ni finner resterande text i artikel, och givetvis länken för att ta hem denna databas via denna länk.

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