LFC Marshall slutar med uppdateringar till FM

Med över 5 miljoner uppdateringar över dem senaste fem åren så tar det slut. Vår gode vän LFC Marshall som har gjort uppdateringar för Football Manager kommer att sluta med det jobb som han så länge har hjälpt oss FM-spelare med. Han skriver följande på sin Facebooksida:

I am sorry to say that I will no longer be editing and releasing updates for Football Manager.
Due to graduating university and finding a full-time job, I no longer have the time to make a database that is as detailed and realistic as in previous years, so it would be a waste for me to attempt it.
Thank you all for following the update the past 5-6 years and making it the most popular database available, with over 1.2 million downloads!
A little recommendation in my absence would definitely be the Update of FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0 , Who covers a fantastic amount of leagues and is by far the next best update to have.
PS. Hope you all enjoyed the final Update released.


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