Meet the Brazilian with a love for Blyth Spartans – thx to ’Football Manager’

Lucas Martins developed a love for Blyth after playing with them on ’Football Manager’ – now he has watched them play in real life. A Brazilian football fan fulfilled his dream this week when he travelled across the world to watch his beloved Blyth Spartans play – and they rewarded his commitment with a 2-1 win over Salford.

Lucas Martins, 21, lives in Sao Paulo in Brazil and became “hooked” on Blyth’s fortunes after playing with them in the popular computer game ‘Football Manager’.

He is on holiday in Europe this week, spending most of his time in Berlin, and decided to make a detour so he could watch his favourite team live.

He flew to London from Germany and travelled by plane again up to Edinburgh, before getting a coach to the North East.

Overall he clocked up over 1000 miles before his arrival at Croft Park on Tuesday evening.

He was treated to a warm welcome by the club and was introduced to the chairman, the manager and the players, as well as being presented with a Blyth home shirt.

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En reaktion till “Meet the Brazilian with a love for Blyth Spartans – thx to ’Football Manager’

  • 2 februari, 2016 kl. 20:01

    Jag är svensk som älskar Guiseley tack vare FM09 :D!



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